How much does it cost to become a member?

Annual membership costs for law enforcement agencies are derived from a variety of factors such as
the population of jursidiction, crime rates, size of the agency, etc.

For private memberships, the annual fee depends on the expected use of the laboratory.

In either case, please contact NFSL to get specific pricing information for your organization.

Do I have to be a member to use NFSL?

No. NFSL understands that memberships may not be for everyone. NFSL will provide service on an as
needed case by case basis.

Can the public submit to NFSL?

Yes. NFSL will provide service to the general public. All cases, however, must be submitted through an

Who works at NFSL?

NFSL is staffed by experienced court qualified forensic scientists with decades of combined experience.

Are there future plans to increase the types of forensic services?

Yes. NFSL plans to expand services to include forensic anthropology, audio and video enhancement,
entomology, and other forensic disciplines that might be needed by any of our members and clients.