iStock_000007060414XSmallThe Problem: Until now, police and sheriff’s departments have been relegated to sending all of their evidence to their designated laboratory with little or no choice. Many are not happy with the long turnaround times on results but are helpless to do anything about it. This can lead to reduced submissions to the lab because a case seems futile to investigate given the duration of the waiting period for results. Meanwhile, victims are left frustrated, agonizing during this time. Many law enforcement agencies have tried to take matters into their own hands, even investigating the possibility of starting their own crime labs to help combat this situation. In the end, most have found the costs too high.

The Solution: By becoming a member, NFSL can become your crime laboratory! NFSL is YOUR new lab. NFSL provides any law enforcement agency the means to get high quality results fast on all evidence collected and submitted without having to make cost judgments on a case by case basis. Simply submit all your cases to NFSL just as you would to your current designated laboratory. We are here to help you and provide reliable solutions for all your casework needs. Any and all evidence can be sent to NFSL and we will evaluate, examine, analyze it and send the results back to you efficiently.

Fast and Accurate Results: Depending on the complexity of the evidence, your case will be processed in two weeks or less. Reports will be available electronically followed by a hard copy in the mail.
Full service provider: NFSL provides a full range of services with many more on the way so that you don’t have to deal with multiple labs to get all your casework done.

Annual Memberships: We believe in partnering with you. By becoming a member we give you everything you need without the headaches of dealing with the details.

  • All shipping is included
  • Testimony is included
  • Real time case status tracking
  • Electronic access to analytical reports
  • No limits on case submissions
  • One low annual payment

Individual Case submissions: If becoming an annual member isn’t a fit for your organization, NFSL still gladly accepts individual cases! All fees are calculated on an hourly basis. For more information, click here >>.