iStock_000004608461XSmallThe Problem: Backlogs are a constantly growing problem. Forensic laboratories have been under tremendous pressure to do more with less. In the DNA realm, the outsourcing model has evolved into a helpful, though imperfect and costly solution. Most other forensic disciplines also have large backlogs yet there currently is no outsourcing mechanism available to help alleviate them. The forensic community has been clamoring for more money to increase staffing levels. Unfortunately, this isn’t coming anytime soon.

The Solution: NFSL is here to support your needs! NFSL will be the first full service independent laboratory available for all outsourcing needs. Imagine if your lab could just eliminate the backlog in one or all of your sections! How easy would it be to manage a lab or section that is completely up to date? NFSL can give you that breathing room so you no longer feel mired in backlogged cases and can finally feel caught up.

Backlog Reduction/Elimination: Even short term outsourcing can be valuable. Have you ever lost an analyst and spent time finding and training a replacement? The cases do not stop coming in. NFSL can temporarily keep you up to date while you go through this process.

Training a new analyst: We know that you may not need an ongoing support laboratory, but just a temporary solution when experiencing a spike of casework or during a training period for your staff. We provide our services on a case by case or a monthly basis until you’re back on track.

Ongoing Discipline Outsourcing: Perhaps you have decided not to offer a service because you don’t have the manpower or funding to make it cost-effective. NFSL can fill in your service gaps wherever you see fit.

Testimony is included: Unlike most outsourcing laboratories, NFSL understands that forensic services extend from crime scene to courtroom. We do not believe in having a cost consideration enter the equation. For this reason, all testimony expenses for cases worked by NFSL are included.

Quality and Accreditiaion: Of course, NFSL recognizes that ASCLD-LAB and ISO 17025 Accreditation must be obtained before receiving any outsourced cases from government forensic laboratories. It is expected that applications for accreditation will be submitted in the first half of 2009.

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